Published: Wed, December 11, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Oculus Quest hand tracking is actually coming soon

Oculus Quest hand tracking is actually coming soon

In March, Oculus unveiled its more affordable Rift S device for $399 which features major upgrades, including a higher-res LCD display and improved optics, as well as new Touch controllers.

Furthermore, Oculus itself will be rolling out more updates to the controller-free interface throughout 2020, so things can only get better from here. The company says it plans to add new features to hand tracking in 2020.

When it comes to third-party apps on Oculus Quest, developers will be able to access the software development kit (SDK) from next week, enabling them to build hand tracking into their apps and experiences.

On Monday, Oculus revealed that gesture controls would be added as an "experimental" feature to the Quest later this week. We can imagine it being a particular problem in games where your hands might be out of view of the headset's cameras.

A blog post by Oculus wrote: "In this initial release, you can use your hands to navigate and interact within Quest's Home interfaces like Library and Store, plus in select first-party apps like the Oculus Browser and Oculus TV". Hand tracking for consumers is available this week, and as for developers, the SDK will be launching next week.

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As for publishing your apps and games with hand tracking, Oculus will start to review submissions on the first of January. Well, the holidays are the ideal time for delightful surprises, because Oculus revealed today that hand tracking is actually coming later this week. Hand following will let Quest proprietors explore and control applications utilizing just their hands, without the requirement for controllers, and the underlying rollout will be constrained.

Ditch those controllers (for some apps, at least).

Starting next week, you can begin building hand tracking-enabled Quest applications using our updated APIs like VrAPI which will now include three hand pose functions: vrapi_GetHandSkeleton, vrapi_GetHandPose, and vrapi_GetHandMesh.

VR is still in its infancy but expect to see it really come into its own in the 2020s.

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