Published: Wed, December 11, 2019
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Lizzo claps back with gratitude after twerking controversy at Lakers game

Lizzo claps back with gratitude after twerking controversy at Lakers game

She's topped the Billboard charts, won multiple awards and just recently became the most nominated artist at the upcoming Grammy Awards, so it's safe to say she deserves to celebrate. The singer wore a loose dress of medium length with the back cut off, revealing her thong to everyone while dancing her hit "Juice" during the game.

It turns out that it was a cut-out shirt showing off her entire backside featuring a pair of fishnet tights and a black thong. When the camera focused on her, the 31-year-old grooved to the music, turned around and twerked for the jumbotron. That simply wasn't an appropriate outfit for that venue.

Another tweeted: "It's not even a weight thing". If you have any doubts or suggestions, please let us know via the Contact Us page you If you find any link or image broken, please share with us.

But several others offered a different point of view and stood up for the singer. Instead, she's just going to continue being the same confident, positive force that she's always been. "Your fat friends [have] been telling you, but welcome". If a skinny chick does it then it's chic, edgy, and innovative!

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Of course, social media has a tendency to be "the toilet of the internet" (Lady Gaga's words!), so there were many fatphobic people who tried to body shame Lizzo for living her best life. So it comes as no surprise that this isn't the first time she's been accused of "using her body to get attention."

This week, Liz went to Twitter to salute the Barbados native and credited her for capturing her interest.

"Who I am and the essence of me and the things that I choose to do as a grown ass woman can inspire you to do the same, you don't have to be like me". However, fans did not expect to get a glimpse of the Because I Love You songstress' bare butt. "You need to be like you", she said. The singer-rapper-flautist also went on to say that she's now the happiest she's ever been in her whole life. "Now everyone's looking at it and your criticism can just remain your criticism", she said. Negative criticism has no interest in my life.

Unfortunately, many were not exactly happy with the way she chose to show up to a Lakers game.

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