Published: Wed, December 11, 2019
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Google announces Android 10 for Android TV, introduces a new developer device

Google announces Android 10 for Android TV, introduces a new developer device

When Epic released the Android version of its popular arena shooter, the developer got into a spat with Google over the latter's revenue share practices with regards to the Play Store.

According to 9to5Google, in Epic they were trying to publish Fortnite without paying that 30% commission on all in-app transactions (in-game purchases): Fortnite makes money thanks to those transactions, and in Epic they pretended that Google did not stay with that commission. Sweeney complained that Google's public report of their installer's security risks was a counter-PR move that was made because of Epic's decision to distribute Fortnite outside of the Play Store. Citing Fortnite's success on iOS, which has a similar 70/30 revenue split, Google has flat out denied Epic's petition. The problem is still present; for example, the battle royale game has to be downloaded straight from Epic Games and then sideloaded. "We believe this form of tying of a mandatory payment service with a 30 percent fee is illegal in the case of a distribution platform with over 50 percent market share", Epic Games said.

While Android will remain free and open source, Google will offer separate licenses to the Google Search app and to Chrome.

However, Epic can not use its own payment method as it would violate Google's policy, where developers who offer in-game purchases must use Google Play In-app Billing as the payment method. While Epic is asking for special treatment, Google is digging in its heels with a staunch "No".

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The developer further contends that the Play Store's distribution agreement only asks that developers use Google payments, but does not require it.

It's worth noting that the same documentation also pointed to the arrival of a new developer device.

Tim said that Epic also runs a PC game store and it does not force developers to follow their platform ecosystem. "We welcome any developer that recognizes the value of Google Play and expect them to participate under the same terms as other developers".

In an announcement to The Verge, Google says the Android stage is reliant on the current Play Store terms since that is the manner by which the organization can reinvest in its foundation to assist it with developing and to give plentiful safety efforts. Apple has also been criticised for the tax by music-streaming giant Spotify, which filed an antitrust complaint with the European Union in March.

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