Published: Wed, December 11, 2019
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Elizabeth Warren list of corporate clients includes Rabobank

Elizabeth Warren list of corporate clients includes Rabobank

Pete Buttigieg speaks at a campaign event on December 8, 2019 in Washington, Iowa. He said that in 2007, he served a nonprofit health insurance provider for three months in MI, and in 2008 he worked in the Toronto area analyzing prices for a grocery and retail chain.

Warren argued that she already put out 11 years of tax returns - "11 years more than Donald Trump" and "years more than Barack Obama did at the same point". But when it comes to his time at McKinsey, he has cited a nondisclosure agreement he signed after being hired by the firm, the Times reported. This weekend, Sen. Elizabeth Warren of MA and fellow Democratic candidate for president, told reporters that closed-door fundraising events caused "conflicts being created every single day when candidates for president sell access to their time to the highest bidder".

Buttigieg's campaign manager Mike Schmuhl said, "From the start, Pete has said it is important for every candidate to be open and honest, and his actions have reflected that commitment".

Warren's past corporate work was a flashpoint in her 2012 run for the Senate, when Republican Scott Brown cast her advocacy for Travelers, which was seeking immunity in asbestos-related lawsuits by setting up a $500 million trust, and for Dow Corning as hypocrisy from the populist candidate.

Buttigieg has resisted opening his fundraisers, but that position became untenable as his campaign moved into the top tier.

At the time, Warren was one of the nation's foremost experts in bankruptcy law, and her campaign has said her work involved balancing various competing interests in as fair a way as possible. "Elizabeth does not sell access to her time - no closed-door big-dollar fundraisers, no bundling program, no perks or promises to any wealthy donor".

Buttigieg's decision to open the fundraiser is the latest round in an escalating battle between him and Warren.

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Buttigieg released a list of 32 campaign bundlers in the first quarter.

For weeks, Buttigieg was fending off attacks from his 2020 Democratic presidential competitor, Sen.

Other Democratic front-runners are former Vice-President Joe Biden and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

In April, Buttigieg's campaign announced it would no longer accept money from registered lobbyists or allow them to raise money for him.

Warren's campaign said Sunday's disclosure provides more information on her business income than releasing additional, past tax returns would because her tax documents don't fully itemize earnings the same way the details it released do. Nearly all the cases dealt with Warren's core expertise, bankruptcy law.

"Releasing tax returns is a standard practice- she should match @PeteButtigieg's transparency and release her tax returns going back through her years as corporate lawyer", Smith said.

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