Published: Wed, December 11, 2019
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Britt McHenry files sexual harassment suit against Fox News

Britt McHenry files sexual harassment suit against Fox News

McHenry is also suing FOX News.

In the lawsuit, Britt says the only "zero tolerance" FOX News is demonstrating is for her. the woman who's complained 4 times about sexual harassment - an obvious jab at the network saying it doesn't allow any sexual harassment.

At issue are claims by McHenry that Murdoch sent her harassing texts.

"I love pony tails and braids you look unbelievable and it's a real turn on not that you care but I love it", one of the text messages said, according to the lawsuit.

When McHenry told the network, Fox "punished the victim and rewarded the harasser" by "stripping her of professional opportunities while simultaneously promoting" Murdoch, the complaint says.

Fox News, in a company statement, dismissed McHenry's lawsuit iand said the company fully investigated her allegations and took appropriate action. Additionally, McHenry complained about dealing with an "intolerable work environment" to Fox, including to her Fox Nation higher up John Finley.

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Former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson tweeted in support of McHenry. "In practice, Fox News remains a sanctuary for sexual harassers, coddling and enabling the men who abuse female employees".

McHenry also details multiple instances of Murdoch sending her inappropriate messages and acting toward her in a threatening manner.

McHenry attacked the credibility of the two outside investigations.

In October of 2019, the lawsuit claims a Fox News counsel produced texts McHenry allegedly sent to Murdoch with "her cleavage and almost bare breast shown". Her lawsuit says she's had fewer professional opportunities and been "effectively frozen out by Fox News management". He was later given the show, Nuff Said by the network after the allegations.

Not long after, the 46-year-old began blowing up McHenry's phone with lewd messages, and even threatened to send her an image of his genitals. "We expect all of her claims to be dismissed".

Murdoch's lawyer, Tom Clare, said in a statement that his client "denies the allegations in the lawsuit and will be defending it vigorously". "He looks forward to having a public forum in the court system to clear his name from the smear campaign that has been waged against him in the media", Clare said in a statement. She claims the photos and texts were doctored and not really her. "Tyrus will be pursuing defamation counterclaims".

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