Published: Mon, December 09, 2019
Sport | By Kayla Schwartz

Lamar Jackson hilariously trolls 49ers announcer by wearing white gloves in game

Lamar Jackson hilariously trolls 49ers announcer by wearing white gloves in game

"I understand how it could be taken under a certain context and be offensive to some, but if you're saying, 'Hey, this is a brown ball, they're wearing dark colors and he has a brown arm, ' honestly, we were having trouble seeing the ball on the field". He's making a play fake and he's swinging his arm really fast, and you're like, 'Does he have the ball on that play?' And you look up and (Mark) Ingram is running it. "But we've got his back".

Ryan's hot take was that the gloves that he wears are black, and the color of his skin is black, so it disguises his handoffs - making him hard to defend.

The 22-year-old Jackson chose to wear those particular articles of clothing a week after 49ers broadcaster Tim Ryan said Jackson was more effective at hiding the ball on option plays due to "his dark skin with a dark football with a dark uniform".

Jackson was asked about removing the sleeves after the game, and gave no hint that he wore them in response to Ryan's comments.

Like Sherman, Ford said that he knows Ryan personally and vouched for his character.

Jackson entered this weekend almost leading the league in passing touchdowns with 25, completing his throws at a 66.5% rate and throwing for over 2,500 yards in 12 starts.

Ryan apologized for his choice of words in a statement. Lamar Jackson is an MVP-caliber player and I respect him greatly.

WADA ban Russian Federation from all global sport for next FOUR years
WADA has banned Russian Federation from the Olympics and world championships for four years over doping . The final decision will rest with WADA's executive committee when it gathers in Paris on December 9.

The Ravens can also wrap up the AFC North title if the Pittsburgh Steelers lose or tie in Sunday's sport towards the Arizona Cardinals.

The 49ers issued a statement on the matter.

The 49ers announced in a statement that the team was "disappointed" but are "confident he will grow and learn from this experience".

On Sunday, Jackson led the Ravens to their eighth win in a row with a 20-17 victory over the San Francisco 49ers, handing the NFC team its second loss this season.

Ryan and the team apologized for the remarks on Wednesday.

Jackson is must-see TV, which means he isn't hurting the NFL's desire to add more dollars to the record $16 billion it made last season. He also played for the Chicago Bears as a defensive tackle during the early 1990s.

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