Published: Sun, December 08, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

UK's Conservatives 11 points ahead of Labour before election - Deltapoll

UK's Conservatives 11 points ahead of Labour before election - Deltapoll

During a television interview, on November 26, Corbyn was repeatedly given opportunities to apologise but he rather chose to defend himself.

"I'm excited to be back in Wales on the last weekend before polling day to bring our message of hope that Labour will build a fairer, more equal society", he said. Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, in his article for a British daily, said that Corbyn allowed a "new poison sanctioned from the top" to take root in the party.

He said a Labour government boosted living standards massively after the Second World War.

UK's Johnson Stresses US Ties in Huawei Decision
But the day after Trump left the country, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was spotted taking a selfie - with a phone manufactured by Huawei .

A Labour spokesperson said the party was not "institutionally anti-semitic", adding that "any former staff would not know how our procedures now work, after significant reforms" and insisting the evidence contained "untrue allegations about outstanding cases".

A total of 70 current and former British Labour Party officials condemned anti-Semitism in the party in sworn statements submitted to the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Daily Mail reported on Thursday. Obviously I am very sorry for everything that has happened, but I want to make this clear - I am dealing with it, I have dealt with it. The Labour Party is putting forward a serious and radical challenge to the Conservative Party which could have far-reaching effects.

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