Published: Sun, December 08, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Hyderabad encounter: Nayanthara sends out a strong message

Hyderabad encounter: Nayanthara sends out a strong message

The incident took place around 6.30 am when the accused were taken to the site of offence for the reconstruction of the scene of the crime as part of the investigation, a senior police official had told PTI.

She was airlifted to New Delhi for treatment later that day.

Meanwhile, the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) which had filed for an investigation into the encounter is now in Hyderabad.

Their deaths prompted celebrations, with hundreds heading to the scene and showering officers with flower petals, as politicians, celebrities and sports stars congratulated police on social media.

According to reports, the culprits took the woman to fields outside the village and doused her in kerosene before setting her on fire. The woman named two local men, one of them was arrested by police, the other absconded.

Demanding justice for the Unnao rape victim, a woman Saturday poured an inflammable liquid on her minor daughter outside Safdarjung Hospital in the national capital.

On Friday, Indian police shot dead four men who were suspected of raping and killing a 27-year-old veterinarian near Hyderabad city, drawing applause from across the country angry over violence against women. The police were ordered to preserve the body till December 9 by the Hyderabad High Court on Friday. It said that it was concerned that the killings would "send a wrong message to society".

Cell phone injuries over 20 years analyzed
Jama estimates the weighted total includes more than 76,000 patients across the U.S. affected by cell phone-related injuries. Some injuries were caused by the phones themselves, including people who were hit by a thrown phone.

"If the arrested persons were actually guilty, they were to be punished as per law pursuant to the directions of the competent court", the Commission said.

The case prompted nationwide protests and calls for swift - and tough - justice from a slow and overburdened legal system that campaigners say all too often fails to convict rapists.

India's last execution was conducted in 2015.

"How many are there in jail for having made mistakes.they should also be shot dead". Previously in 2008, he was Warangal's Superintendent when three accused were arrested within 48 hours after they attacked two college girls by throwing acid on their faces. "This is the demand of justice and people", the BSP chief said in a tweet in Hindi. The victim's sister spoke to the local press and said, "the accused have been encountered, and I am feeling very happy for it, and I think this will be an example, and nobody will even think of doing it".

Separately on Friday, a woman who had been set on fire on Thursday by men she had accused of raping her succumbed to her injuries in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh.

Global rights watch group Amnesty International asked the provincial Telangana government to ensure an "independent, impartial, swift and thorough criminal investigation" into the alleged extrajudicial execution of four under-trial prisoners by the state police.

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