Published: Sun, December 08, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Control comes to Xbox Game Pass, says Phil Spencer

Control comes to Xbox Game Pass, says Phil Spencer

Update: TechRaptor received a response back from a Microsoft spokesperson about Phil Spencer's comment on Control being a part of Gamepass.

Update: The official Control Twitter account had a little something to say about the game potentially coming to Game Pass.

Should Control make its arrival to Xbox Game Pass, it would join 2019's numerous other high-profile games that are available free for subscribers, including Devil May Cry 5, Jump Force, Metro: Exodus, Rage 2, World War Z, and others. Of course, he could've also been saving this one announcement specifically for the Extra Life stream, perhaps hoping the news would give the charity stream some extra juice.

The inclusion of Control in the Xbox Game Pass brings a number of players to the game.

"The information about Control coming to Xbox Game Pass as reported on a recent Mixer stream is incorrect.", the tweet stated.

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During the moment in question, Spencer states that Control "didn't reach enough people so I'm glad to see that it's coming in to Game Pass so hopefully more people will play it". The idea was born from the desire to help those that are not able to choose what game to play next. there is even a rewards program for those who try it.

That leaves us with a bit of a conundrum: only one of these two parties is correct.

My Friend Pedro, Demon's Tilt and Pathologic 2 Will be the 3 games coming to PC Xbox Game Pass.

It's hard to say for certain, but we've reached out to Microsoft in the meantime and will update this piece when we hear back from them.

The Livestream segment can be found below with Control's arrival to Xbox Game Pass statement at around the 44th minute. But as nice as that would be, you have to admit: it'd be far more amusing if he simply mentioned something he shouldn't have.

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