Published: Sat, December 07, 2019
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Peloton says encouraged by some support despite Christmas ad criticism

Peloton says encouraged by some support despite Christmas ad criticism

"I'm a little nervous...but excited", she says to her phone camera in an ad that people online have said doesn't look unlike a hostage video. The commercial ends with her sharing her video diary with her husband and thanking him.

After one of its recent holiday spots titled "The Gift That Gives Back" was booed off the Twitter stage for being "sexist and dystopian", Peloton said critics "misinterpreted" the 30-second ad.

The criticism: Some internet users said the ad insinuated the woman ("Grace from Boston") was being encouraged to lose weight by her male partner.

Comedian and writer Jess Dweck compared the advertisement, which has been viewed more than two million times on YouTube, with an episode of Netflix's dystopian anthology series Black Mirror. Many also criticized Peloton for using a thin, wealthy woman in an ad about a fitness journey.

Blogger Matt Walsh wrote on Twitter: "Unpopular opinion: The Peloton ad is pretty much just a normal commercial for an exercise bike and the collective freak-out is way weirder and creepier than the ad itself".

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Peloton told the Boston Globe that they are "disappointed in how some have misinterpreted" the ad, and that it was meant to "celebrate that fitness and wellness journey".

Peloton Interactive Inc's indoor exercise bicycles offer packages requiring memberships to access live and on-demand classes from home.

Entitled "The Present That Affords Wait on", the advert facets a man presenting his wife with the stationary bike on Christmas morning.

The company's stock has risen 16% since its initial public offering in September as investors bet on the growing popularity of its bicycles that offer on-demand workout programs.

The backlash to Peloton's holiday ad, which features a young woman filming herself working out over a year after being given a Peloton bike, reached a breaking point this week, as it struck some viewers as confusing, sexist, and classist.

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