Published: Fri, December 06, 2019
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This New Baby Yoda Rap Meme Is Taking Over Twitter

This New Baby Yoda Rap Meme Is Taking Over Twitter

We'll learn more about him over the course of the season. If true, that's a great spoiler for both The Mandalorian and the greater Star Wars universe, no matter what goes down in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker later this month.

Baby Yoda, or as Disney refers to him, "The Child", stole the hearts of many Star Wars fans and Disney+ subscribers alike on November 12 after making his debut appearance on The Mandalorian last month. Not only has Jedi master Yoda's species (of which this little one is clearly a member) never been named, but Star Wars mastermind George Lucas admitted years ago that he never even had a name in mind for the species, what planet they come from or even what type of planet it might be. In this case, Baby Yoda himself already has big dark eyes that he hasn't properly grown into yet, so the traditional Funko POP design is nearly indistinguishable from Baby Yoda's natural appearance.

As far as we know, Baby Yoda is not, in fact, a young version of Yoda from the original Star Wars movies.

Though all of the official apparel is now unavailable to Canadian customers, it seems those interested are able to pre-order certain Baby Yoda-inspired items from Disney's official online store, including an 11-inch plush doll by Mattel, as well as two different Funko Pops.

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Select Baby Yoda merch is now available for pre-order in Canada through Disney's official online store.

Now, if you're not a major Star Wars fan, you might be wondering why, exactly, the internet is so bent out of shape over the appearance of a tiny, green, adorably wrinkly 50-year-old baby.

The acclaimed director of Knives Out has claimed that he'd admire to sing an episode of The Mandalorian's second season, claiming he'd produce so "in a heartbeat". Favreau knows the mystery surrounding "Yoda proper" was part of his appeal.

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