Published: Fri, December 06, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

NATO Gossip: Are leaders laughing at Trump?

NATO Gossip: Are leaders laughing at Trump?

After a video of Justin Trudeau and some other world leaders seemingly gossiping about Donald Trump went viral, the American President went ahead and called Canada's Prime Minister "two-faced" in response!

Biden's ad combines the recording of Trudeau with footage from a speech Trump gave to the United Nations, where leaders and diplomats in the General Assembly laughed when the president said nearly no USA administration had ever accomplished as much as his had.

Trump seemed to shrug off the recording of the other leaders in London as the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit wrapped up, calling Trudeau "two-faced" but also overall a good guy.

It is getting more and more hard for Donald Trump to find a place where he is welcomed.

"Oh my god, look what they're doing - what was it really about?"

"It is smart that Donald Trump can be triggered after re-living how the world has actually been laughing at him", Andrew Bates, a spokesman for the Biden marketing campaign, informed Fox Information. "And maybe that makes a couple of people jealous, and certainly churlish".

First results from NASA's world-first solar probe mission
The findings will also abet realize the course of in which stars are created and evolve, per the U.S. say company. The researchers found that slow wind originates in holes in the corona found near the equator.

Don't be surprised if there is a rally scheduled in the near future that has a warm welcome and a platform for President Trump to fire back at Trudeau, Boris Johnson, and others.

The video, captured during a reception at Buckingham Palace, shows Trudeau chatting with the president of France and the prime ministers of the United Kingdom and the Netherlands about Trump's long impromptu news conferences. His son Donald Trump Jr. also weighed into the matter, tweeting an image of Trudeau in blackface while agreeing with his father that Trudeau is "two-faced". Instead, it was the group of world leaders, which included Canada's own leader, talking about the U.S. President behind his back.

In his first interview since leaving office last week, Donald Tusk said Brexit was one of "the most painful and saddest experience" of his five years in office, a tumultuous period marked by the Greek eurozone crisis, bitter rows over migration and the election of Donald Trump, The Guardian reported.

President Trump mocked the state of the French economy, which, according to him, is "experiencing a high unemployment rate".

Mr Trump tweeted "thank you Nato" with a photo of his helicopter leaving and insisted the alliance would be "richer and stronger than ever" after he prompted nations to spend more.

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