Published: Fri, December 06, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

China to sanction U.S. organizations after law passed on Hong Kong

China to sanction U.S. organizations after law passed on Hong Kong

Six months of unrest have tipped Hong Kong's already weak economy into recession.

Patriotic people should unite and stop the United States from causing trouble in Hong Kong under the false banner of democracy, Tso stressed.

Rights groups, pro-democracy politicians and the protest movement have all demanded an independent inquiry into police violence and abuse of power, saying that the current complaints system adds up to the police investigating complaints against themselves.

"They shoulder some responsibility for the chaos in Hong Kong and they should be sanctioned and pay the price", Hua said. The clashes were much smaller than earlier ones, but Lam said they threw cold water on her hopes that the relative peace would hold.

China on Monday announced immediate sanctions against several USA non-governmental organizations in response to a law passed in Washington on democracy and human rights in Hong Kong, which Beijing describes as an interventionist.

Asked Monday if his signature hurt the chances of a trade deal, Mr Trump said: "Well, it doesn't make them better, but we'll see what happens".

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam denounced US legislation protecting human rights in the embattled city after it was passed last week. President Donald Trump signed it into law last week.

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December 2, 2019 (EIRNS)-China has imposed sanctions on the New York-based Human Rights Watch and other NGOs, as well as suspending the review of requests by USA warships to visit Hong Kong, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said at her briefing today. "We have freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, religious freedom - we enjoy a high degree of freedom in many areas", Lam said.

In more bad news for the city, China on Monday banned U.S. military ships and planes from visiting Hong Kong - rest and recreation halt for the U.S. Seventh Fleet - in countering the U.S. legislation.

Beijing has repeatedly condemned foreign interference in its internal affairs, as US officials were seen meeting with several radical opposition figures, including the "Hong Kong independence" activist Joshua Wong.

Lam will visit Beijing on December 16 and meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Hong Kong broadcaster Cable TV said on Tuesday, citing sources.

Protesters are demanding universal suffrage, an investigation into alleged police brutality and an end to China's perceived efforts to roll back the democratic freedoms promised when the former British colony was handed back in 1997.

Speaking to reporters ahead of the weekly Executive Council meeting on Tuesday, Lam said the United States' Hong Kong-related legislation was totally "unacceptable" and "unnecessary", and would have a negative impact on Hong Kong's economy. The last American Navy ship to visit was in April, although two ships requested visits in August and China rejected them for unspecified reasons, BBC reported.

The Chinese government also said Monday that it has imposed sanctions on a handful of US nongovernmental organizations accused of fanning the protests that have lasted for months.

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