Published: Thu, December 05, 2019
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UK's Johnson says he met Trump, avoids answering why no photo together

UK's Johnson says he met Trump, avoids answering why no photo together

President Donald Trump is vowing to stay out of United Kingdom parliamentary elections set for this month but is praising incumbent Prime Minister Boris Johnson's leadership.

Trump previously said: "When you're dealing in trade everything is on the table - the NHS or anything else".

Trump denied the USA was interested in the National Health Service, saying Tuesday that "If you handed it to us on a silver platter, we want nothing to do with it".

"I am sure you understand that our coming General Election on 12th December means the British public need urgent clarity that our NHS is genuinely off the table in UK-US trade talks and will not be exposed to higher costs from US drugs companies", Corbyn wrote in the letter, released by his office.

Meanwhile on the campaign trail, Labour vowed to end "rip-off Britain" as party research alleges the Tories have cost families almost £6,000 a year by failing to curb rising bills.

Pressed further, he said: "I know nothing about the gentleman, really, know nothing about Jeremy Corbyn".

Mr O'Rourke, who served in the Royal Irish Rangers, said afterwards: "Someone had to say something".

Asked if he could work with the leader of the opposition Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, Trump said he could work with anyone.

Government open to feedback, criticism, says Sitharaman
Entrepreneurs are hesitant to put up fresh projects, for fear of failure attributed to ulterior motives", Singh said. Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman stated, "Home Minister @AmitShah answers on how issues raised by Shri.

In the wake of Corbyn's claims, foreign secretary Dominic Raab accused the Labour leader of diversion tactics, saying that Corbyn "wants to talk about anything else other than the fact [Labour] have got no plan for Brexit and no plan for the economy".

Mr Trump said he could "work with anybody" when asked whether he could work with Mr Corbyn as prime minister, though earlier said he thought Mr Johnson would do a "good job". Johnson has repeatedly said that is not true.

The watchdog's Election Committee said the prop "was not a representation of the Prime Minister personally", and that "little editorial focus was given to it, either visually or in references made by the presenter or debate participants".

Johnson's Conservative Party has committed to implementing a digital service tax on the revenue of companies such as Google, Facebook and Amazon in its blueprint for government if it wins this month's national election. But the regulator rejected the complaint.

In London to attend a meeting of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation leaders, Trump said he did not want to complicate the election, but then added: "I think Boris is very capable and I think he'll do a good job".

The president's intervention came as Labour faced questions over whether Russian disinformation was behind the party's 451-page unredacted report which revealed the details of UK-US talks regarding a future trade deal between the two countries.

Independent candidate David Gauke does a keep impression of former Tory MP Ken Clarke. This would include chlorine-washing chicken and growth hormones in beef cattle, according to the Lib Dems.

Army veteran Paul O'Rourke gives Boris Johnson some advice on personal hygiene.

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