Published: Thu, December 05, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Pablo Escobar’s Brother Just Launched A Folding Phone To "Beat Apple"

Pablo Escobar’s Brother Just Launched A Folding Phone To

With some new foldables criticised for being flimsy, Roberto Escobar's company says the screen of this phone is made of a proprietary plastic that makes it nearly unbreakable.

The Fold 1 is an Android 9 phone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 series CPU.

The Korea Herald says that Samsung will launch at least two new foldable models next year. The device would be available for sale via Escobar's website. Shipping is free anywhere in the world, and every device comes with a complimentary cover. I slash the networks and retailers, to promote to potentialities telephones that can fold for below $349, telephones which in stores cost thousands of bucks by Samsung and others.

Escobar stated, 'I earn made regarded as one of the most predominant foldable smartphones on this planet.

Escobar Inc. CEO Olof Gustafsson stresses the company's aim to beat Apple by offering innovative products at cost-effective prices. New information has emerged online revealing some key details about the upcoming foldable smartphone. Incidentally, this is not the first time when Escobar has talked about his ambition to beat Apple. "Apple Boy Steve once looked into space", a voice is heard saying.

Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria used to be a Colombian drug trafficker.

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Though most would grasp this foldable phone may well perchance perchance be a contender for the Samsung Galaxy Fold, but Escobar has his sights set apart on Apple. "This is my goal, to beat Apple, and by doing it myself like I always have". "Our screen is made of a special type of plastic, and we still have the best resolution".

Since it wants to achieve maximum durability and foldability, the PE Fold 1 uses a specialized plastic that Roberto Escobar claims is very hard to break.

Escobar, who claimed the cartel spent $2,500 a month just on rubber bands for its money and was imprisoned for his role in his brother's drug operations, said the phone will also have "special security" features.

He continued: "Also, the cover that comes with all phones has a thin layer of metal that blocks RFID and other communications".

"They are cheating people and selling worthless phones to consumers, overpriced", Escobar added. For $ 499, which increased to 8GB and 512GB respectively, the Daily Mail reported.

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