Published: Thu, December 05, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump ‘More Shocked than Me’ on Election Night Call

Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump ‘More Shocked than Me’ on Election Night Call

President Donald Trump's reelection campaign manager, Brad Parscale, accused Hillary Clinton of lying on Wednesday night, saying she lied about the concession call she had with President Trump at the end of the 2016 election.

"Contrary to what you might hear, I actually like men", Hillary said.

Given that she won't be running for office anytime soon, Clinton has been on a press run in promotion of the book she co-authored, The Book Of Gutsy Women with Chelsea Clinton.

NBC reports the rumours about Clinton having an affair with a female aide, though doing the rounds in fringe media for years, really took off when the National Enquirer tabloid ran the 2013 headline: "Hillary Clinton Hides Female Aide Amid Lesbian Rumors".

"Look, I hope he's going to be a better president than I think he will be", Clinton said.

The former first lady responded in the affirmative, saying, "I said, 'Look, Donald, I want you to be a good president".

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"Once is enough", she said. "I'm anxious about it, but I'm going to do everything I can, as I told him". "Look, the Russians and WikiLeaks really did a job on me ... in terms of the way they weaponized information ... and I think, you know, the [former Federal Bureau of Investigation director James] Comey letter 10 days before the election killed me".

Clinton said that Trump was "so shocked".

In addition to affirming her heterosexuality, Clinton said she thinks it is a "fair question" to ask if Graham, who quickly flipped from Trump critic to Trump fanatic, has "sold his soul to the devil".

During the Stern interview, Clinton coughed several times.

She called Trump's speech "bizarre" and said, "That's when I got really anxious..."

"It's like he had a brain snatch", she added.

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