Published: Thu, December 05, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Gunmen kill head of Japan aid agency, five others in Afghanistan

Gunmen kill head of Japan aid agency, five others in Afghanistan

In April, the Afghan president Ashraf Ghani granted Nakamura honorary citizenship of Afghanistan.

Two of Nakamura's bodyguards, the driver of the auto, and another person were killed on the spot, said Attaullah Khogyani, spokesman for the Nangarhar Province's governor.

His three security guards, a driver and one of his colleagues were also killed, said Attuallah Khogyani, a spokesman for Nangarhar's governor.

"I was shocked that he had to die this way", Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told reporters on Wednesday, adding that the Afghan people had thanked Nakamura, head of Peace Japan Medical Services, for his contributions, according to Reuters.

"Dr Nakamura dedicated all his life to change the lives of Afghans, working on water management, dams and improving traditional agriculture", Sediq Sediqqi wrote on Twitter.

According to reports, Nakamura and team members were traveling to the provincial capital, Jalalabad, at about 8am.

In late November, an American working for the United Nations mission in Afghanistan was killed and five Afghans, including two staff members of the mission, were wounded when a grenade hit a United Nations vehicle in Kabul.

"We have no idea what was the reason behind the attack, whether it was a simple robbery or whether it was conflict of interest", Fukumoto said.

In Fukuoka, southwestern Japan, where the charity is based, the organization's spokesman Mitsuji Fukumoto lauded Nakamura's work.

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Nakamura first arrived in the region in 1984, when he began working in the Leprosy Ward of a Pakistani hospital.

In 2003 Nakamura, a native of the southwestern Japanese city of Fukuoka, won the Philippines' Ramon Magsaysay Award for peace and worldwide understanding - often called Asia's Nobel Prize.

Jalalabad resident Auzubillah, who only uses one name, told AFP that he heard shooting at about 8:00 am (0330 GMT).

On November 24, Anil Raj, an American who worked for the UN Development Programme in Afghanistan, was killed when his vehicle was targeted in a bombing in Kabul. "Then the gunmen left the area through a small street". Its side windows appeared to have been shot out, and at least three bullet holes could be seen in the windscreen.

So far, there has been no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack.

The Taliban, who along with the Islamic State group, operate across the province, denied involvement in the attack.

Wednesday's attack comes more than a week after a USA national working for the United Nations was killed in the Afghan capital of Kabul. Nine people were killed in that attack.

Zabihullah Mujahid tweeted that the insurgent group "has no connection" to Wednesday's attack and does not consider the Japanese charity a target in the holy war the Taliban are waging to create an Islamic emirate.

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