Published: Thu, December 05, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Barr Disagrees With IG Horowitz on Key Finding in Russia Report

Barr Disagrees With IG Horowitz on Key Finding in Russia Report

I remember that our fearless troops who served in that conflict weren't treated very well in many cases when they came home, and sometimes they bore the brunt of people who were opposed to the war, ' he said.

Barr expressed appreciation at the reaction servicemembers receive today.

"If the IG comes out and says, yeah, [widespread surveillance] happened, but no big deal, I think people will be livid because they have been waiting for some kind of accountability", Hemingway said, adding the Justice Department has "wide latitude" under the law when it comes to what actions they can take in their work. A person familiar with the matter says there aren't plans for Barr to include a formal rebuttal to Horowitz's findings in the final inspector general report.

The mere observation that police might refuse to protect communities that don't demonstrate sufficient respect is one thing, but like Trump, Bill Barr is no mere observer.

'Ah, so the attorney general of the united states believes police are not sworn officers of the law, civil servants bound by an oath, but a gang running a protection racket, ' Adam Serwer, a writer for The Atlantic, tweeted.

Barr's comment rubbed some people the wrong way, including those who were formerly tasked with upholding the rule of law in court.

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Former Office of Government Ethics Director Walter Shaub wrote on Twitter that Barr's comments would embolden "certain undesirable elements in less disciplined police forces".

Most of Barr's Tuesday speech focused on the challenges law enforcement officers face, such as the "stubborn" problem of violent crime and the "scourge of drugs". has reached out to the Justice Department for clarification on Barr's remarks.

Barr appeared to be drawing an analogy to modern activism against police brutality, activism of which President Donald Trump has always been a vocal opponent. During a speech in August, he criticized district attorneys in large cities that "style themselves as "social justice reformers" for undercutting police officers and the vocal minority that advances the narrative that officers are the "bad guys rather than the criminals".

"They have to start showing more than they do - the respect and support that law enforcement deserves", Barr said.

'There is another development that is demoralizing to law enforcement and unsafe to public safety, ' Barr said.

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