Published: Wed, December 04, 2019
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Porsha Williams And Dennis McKinley Re-Engaged After Infidelity, Wedding Slated For 2020

Porsha Williams And Dennis McKinley Re-Engaged After Infidelity, Wedding Slated For 2020

Williams and McKinley separated in June following reports McKinley cheated on Williams during her pregnancy. "That's really all you can do".

Meanwhile, they have met, but that does not take away the painful experience that Porsha will have to go through again, somehow, while the program is broadcasting.

Now, how will Porsha top this for Pilar's second Christmas? The new mother shared with Cohen that the Bravo cameras only started filming their new season about two weeks after she had broken up with the father of her child. Last month, Porsha admitted that her wedding, which was scheduled to happen on New Year's Eve, had been postponed.

Porsha than fielded questions from callers-one asked if Porsha had set a date to marry the hot-dog entrepreneur. The couple got engaged in September past year just two months after Williams discovered that she was pregnant with their child.

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She's wearing her ring again and spent Thanksgiving together, but they haven't picked a date yet. The reality star even addressed the issue of losing trust saying that she and McKinley were still working all the kinks out in their relationship. "It takes time, um, I love him and he loves me, and we're doing what's best for our family". Williams learnt about the cheating on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta.

"To be disrespected at the most sacred time in life is like, I just can't forgive that", Williams said after learning of the betrayal during a therapy session. "I have been, you know, had a hard time with that too and had to come around to, you know, going on somewhat of an apology tour". "We are re-engaged, yeah, because we were engaged at first and then we had a break up. Um, I think there's a lot to deal with at the reunion". "I don't think she's want that".

"I literally wish I could wake up and somebody could be like, 'It was a dream, it didn't happen, '" she said. And now, Williams has shown that they're, certainly, re-engaged.

Later during Watch What Happens Live, Porsha said they were planning the wedding and it would be sometime next year.

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