Published: Wed, December 04, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Navy’s first woman pilot gets ‘wings’, Twitterati praise her

Navy’s first woman pilot gets ‘wings’, Twitterati praise her

"I feel her achievement is the culmination of the vision of my father, who was a kisan, but had the foresight of opening a school for girls when there was none", says the naval officer's father.

"Shivangi will graduate to become the First female Pilot of Indian Navy".

The Indian military has slowly been entering women into their cockpits.

Her being the first to be the pilot in the navy 'would create more opportunities for other women who wanted to join the defence force'. It signifies their qualification as naval aviators. It is a great feeling, she said. I was commissioned in the Indian Navy as a pilot one year back.

Hailing from Muzaffarpur in Bihar, Shivangi completed her Indian Naval Academy training in 2018. The next stage of training will involve flying for another six months at the Flying Fish squadron before she can be deployed on a mission.

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It is a dream come true, my parents are here, my entire squadron is here. "I had gone with my grandfather to see it and I noticed a person who was flying a helicopter. Maybe now it will have better visibility", she says.

"We also use it for certain rescue missions, and according to the requirement, medical evacuation and all those things, so I'll be a part of all those missions", Shivangi said.

"People were very supportive, I never felt like I am the only lady here, so that was because of my squadron and my instructors and all the people here..."

The Chinese Navy frequently enters Indian waters with the stated aim of going for anti-piracy patrols but the Indian side does not buy this fully as the Chinese warships are accompanied by nuclear and conventional submarines which do not make sense in anti-piracy operations. Flight Commander is the second in command of the unit meaning that she is the number two in the unit after the commanding officer.

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