Published: Wed, December 04, 2019
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Halo makes its triumphant return to PCs starting with Halo: Reach

Halo makes its triumphant return to PCs starting with Halo: Reach

With the Halo: Reach launch imminent, players have been posting their lingering questions to the official Halo Reddit, and one of the queries raised included whether Halo: Reach on PC will launch with mod support.

Bungie released Halo: Reach on PC yesterday (3 December) and in just 24 hours of launch, the game has reached over 150k concurrent players on Steam. Keep in mind that you can also play the game for free today with Xbox Game Pass for PC or console.

Alternatively, you can buy the game through the Microsoft Store on Steam. Another Redditor replying to the thread mentioned there were "plenty of videos" of some unofficial Halo: Reach mods "in action".

Microsoft announced back in March that it was bringing the entire Halo: The Master Chief Collection series to the PC, and that it would do so over time, with each game being released according to their fictional chronology. The Halo: MCC anthology is now priced at $39.99 on both Steam and the Microsoft Store, and developers 343 Industries is expected to release PC ports of Halo: CE, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, and Halo 4 over the course of 2020.

There are a few ways in which you can purchase Halo Reach on PC.

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Think of the MCC product as a launcher that will house Reach.

Along with the ability to take part in Halo Reach PC cross-play, you will be able to access mission completion, playlist completion, leaderboards, career stats, medals chest, achievements, and your account level/rank progression on any and all versions of the game thanks to the Xbox Live profile.

The launch of Halo not just on PC, but on Steam, was always going to be a monumental occasion.

"In the meantime, the 343 team has performed a mass migration of more than 8 million unique pieces of Forge content from the Xbox 360-era so your favorite maps and modes from the original game are available to enjoy today".

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