Published: Wed, December 04, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Google Photos update brings important changes to sharing ability

Google Photos update brings important changes to sharing ability

Google is introducing yet another messaging solution for its users.

As per a new update by Google, users on both Android and iOS will be able to share as many pictures as they want on Google Photos without actually creating an album.

An argument could be made that Google has over-indulged in its creation of way too many messaging apps in years past.

All you need to do is open Google Photos, tap on the image that you want to share, tap on the share icon and then select the name of the person you want to share the image or video to (given that they are also on Google Photos). Then choose the contact to share the content with and you're done. That may limit the feature to some extent, as not everyone is a Google user. Here, you'll be able to see the photos and videos you each shared, comments, text chats and likes.

It's worth noting that Google Photos doesn't isn't trying to become an "all-in-one" app (like Instagram does).

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No, this feature is not created to replace your existing chat apps, and all conversations are private.

As for the launch, the new direct sharing feature has officially been launched today.

The feature was announced in a post on the Google blog, where it's described as a response to feedback the company has received from Google Photos users. However, it's still being rolled out. The service already offers a couple of features dedicated to making photo sharing easier, but it's now adding an interesting new feature to make things even easier.

While trying out the new feature in the TechRadar offices, we found that on mobile it was possible to select multiple images to share in one go, while the web app only allows you to share a single image or video at a time.

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