Published: Tue, December 03, 2019
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Billie Eilish Doesn't Know Who Van Halen Is & They Think It's ''Cool''

Billie Eilish Doesn't Know Who Van Halen Is & They Think It's ''Cool''

A couple of weeks ago, the 17-year-old singer made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel where she talked to the host about her historic Grammys nominations, her first-ever award show performance at the 2019 American Music Awards, on turning 18 and on dealing with fame.

When asked if she could name a Van Halen, she looked puzzled and responded, "Who?" The video clip has since gone viral, and one of the band's very own, Wolfgang Van Halen, has defended her. As Billie Eilish is now 17, he chose to quiz her on what she knew from that era. Actually, not that wide of a variety because the reactors could essentially divided into two camps: 1) People who are dumbfounded that a recording artist can't name these rock legends 2) People who are dumbfounded that she would be expected to.

If that didn't put the debate to rest, one of Van Halen's members took to Twitter to exonerate the possibly uneducated pop star.

"I do know who Madonna is", she replies. She's cool. If you haven't heard of Van Halen, go check them out.

Wolfgang Van Halen - son of guitar titan Eddie Van Halen, who replaced founding bassist Michael Anthony in 2006 when he was just 15 - told his followers to give Billie a break.

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Should music prodigy Billie Eilish be ashamed for not knowing who Van Halen is?

"I'm gonna start crying", Kimmel joked.

"Wow 17-year-old girl doesn't know of a band who's peak was almost 40 years ago, that's insane". Van Halen are not on her radar.

"I say this as a superfan: Van Halen has given Billie Eilish no reason to know who they are".

Billie blitzed through Madonna and Cyndi Lauper, but struggled in knowing others like Run-DMC and Huey Lewis. "They're cool too", said the 28-year-old.

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