Published: Sun, December 01, 2019
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Kylie Jenner Apparently Spends $400k On Security A Month

Kylie Jenner Apparently Spends $400k On Security A Month

Some 'I'm A Celebrity... Discussing their rift candidly on ITV's I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here, Jenner revealed that the Good American founder wasn't as accepting of her transition as her other children.

Although, Kylie's net worth recently went up a staggering amount recently when she sold half of her Kylie Cosmetics company for $600 million, taking her closer to a $2 billion net worth, which she's expected to reach by the time she turns 23 next August.

I'm A Celeb's Caitlyn Jenner has been criticised after opening up about her strained relationship with former step-daughter Khloe Kardashian. "It's bcus caitlyn completely disregarded the Kardashians after her change, and then chat so much sh** about Kris#ImACeleb". "A ton of money", Caitlyn said.

"I would say it comes down to a really good partnership in business and when it comes to personal it really is family".

"It's been five or six years and I've really haven't talked to her since", she added. "I really don't know". Earlier this week, Kendall Jenner responded after being accused of not supporting her father during her time in the jungle.

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Viewers watching the show, however, were taken aback by Jenner's apparent cluelessness, and offered their best guesses about what might be at the root of friction between the two.

In The Secrets of My Life, Caitlyn claimed that Kris knew that she was transgender at the start of their relationship but Kris has repeatedly denied these claims. "But lets not forget how she did the Diane Sawyer interview before telling her family about transitioning, publicly lied about Kris".

That peachy keen sentiment is gone least from Caitlyn's side.

"Piers, neither of us will ever do your show again, you have shown your true colours yet again".

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