Published: Sun, December 01, 2019
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DC faces backlash in China over Batwoman throwing a petrol bomb

DC faces backlash in China over Batwoman throwing a petrol bomb

After the post was shared online, some folks in China complained that a lot of the cover's imagery was supportive of the pro-democracy protests taking place in Hong Kong.

"T$3 he poster came under fire from Chinese internet users who contended that it contained coded messages in support of Hong Kong's pro-democracy protests", according to Variety. Instead, they are the criminals of Gotham City, ' one user said. Still, some Chinese fans said that was not sufficient, since the publisher had allowed the Batman posters to stay up long enough for netizens to download them and had not offered any apologies.

"No matter what the reason, to put an image like this up at a sensitive time like this means you have a death wish", a consumer on the social media website Weibo wrote, in response to the Every day Beast.

The removal of the image, and the reporting of its removal, led to DC facing a backlash in US and elsewhere, particularly Hong Kong, as people on Twitter and Instagram accused the company of censorship and kowtowing to China, likening DC's capitulation to recent China-related controversies faced by Hollywood studios and the National Basketball Association.

Because of China's censoring, all the posts about Hong Kong and the DC Comics poster have been deleted. The comic was written by Frank Miller, whose original Dark Knight Returns comic Batman remodeled in the 1980s and inspired new movie versions of the character.

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One person wrote on Weibo, according to a screenshot posted on Twitter: "I don't even know what the hell DC is trying to hint at".

"Really disappointed", user @meigi_elf tweeted on Wednesday at DC Comics.

Negative coverage was found by The Image in the Global Times, an idol-driven newspaper claiming that DC supported the Hong Kong rioters. "China is affecting United States freedom!"

US President Donald Trump took up the issue again on Thursday after signing two human rights legislation in Hong Kong.

It is one of many Western companies to have bowed to pressure from Chinese consumers in recent years - a testament to the China market's enormous clout. Her comic will be released on December 11th. 'Just because of China citizen comment few word of Hong Kong democracy, DC choice to del the post on IG.China is affecting U.S. freedom!'

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