Published: Sun, December 01, 2019
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Black hole so huge it 'shouldn't even exist' discovered in our galaxy

Black hole so huge it 'shouldn't even exist' discovered in our galaxy

"In the statement, experts note that the discovery of LB-1" fits nicely" with another breakthrough in astrophysics - the detection of ripples in space-time caused by black hole collisions in distant galaxies. A group of Chinese-led scientists have spotted this "monster" black hole some 15,000 light-years away and dubbed it LB-1, the Washington Post reports.

"Black holes of such mass should not even exist in our galaxy, according to most of the current models of stellar evolution", said Liu Jifeng, astronomer at the National Astronomical Observatory of China and first author of the study, in a press release.

Scientists absorb proposed a pair of theories on how the LB-1 gloomy hole became as soon as fashioned, but they attain not align with what became as soon as widely perceived. When massive stars die, they must lose their mass due to explosions.

The statement noted that scientists had previously believed that an individual stellar black hole - formed when a star collapses - that's in our galaxy could only weigh as much as 20 times the mass of our sun.

Black Holes are formed when stars die.

It's a stellar black hole, which is the kind that forms following the death or explosion of a massive star.

Second, are supermassive black holes which are at least a million times bigger than the Sun, and we don't know how these are formed. Earlier, researchers had believed the maximum mass of a black hole couldn't exceed 20 times the mass of our sun, but LB-1 defies those beliefs. He further states that typical stars in the Milky Way shed most of their gas through stellar winds. There are a few massive black holes that have been observed at the centre of many galaxies.

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Black holes are "the most exotic animals in the cosmological zoo", Doeleman said; scientists can learn a great deal about the universe by studying what they eat and how they behave.

An artist's impression of the LB-1 black hole, recently discovered by Chinese scientists.YU Jingchuan, Beijing Planetarium, 2019.

The powerful stars in the mass range that could deliver a black hole are relied upon to take their lives in what is known as a couple flimsiness supernova that totally wrecks the excellent center. But this is the first time a black hole of this magnitude has been discovered in the Milky Way.

Liu and his team made the finding with China's Large Sky Area Multi-Object Fiber Spectroscopic Telescope (LAMOST).

"This result so remarkable that the LIGO-Virgo binary black hole collisions detections during the past four years really testifies to a renaissance in our understanding of astrophysical black hole", said Reitze.

The black hole, which is the subject of a new research paper published in Nature, left the research team scratching their heads.

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