Published: Fri, November 29, 2019
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Best Black Friday Deals: Our Favorite Phones Get Big Discounts

Best Black Friday Deals: Our Favorite Phones Get Big Discounts

As such, Google bumped the Pixel 4's most exposure time to four minutes, up from correct one minute on the Pixel 3. Available now at Best Buy Google has spent a lot of time honing its craft with the Pixel lineup and the 3a, announced earlier this year, is the pinnacle of that: a well-made, cheap, pure-Android-toting smartphone with an awesome camera. You've got the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL, of course, but that OnePlus 7 Pro discount is nearly too good to be believed. To effect away with these, the Pixel 4 having a take into myth intellectual outlying pixels, then hides them "by replacing their tag with the frequent of their neighbors", Google said.

If you want an awesome Android smartphone at a rock-bottom price, there's really only one deal you should consider on Thursday. Despite the hardware changes, the older Google Pixel 3 XL remains a solid choice with its Night Sight technology. Pixel 3 sports Android 9.0 Pie, offers an OLED display with HDR, 12MP camera and more. It's strictly a mid-range phone in terms of performance and lacks water resistance, but you'll still get that exceptional Pixel camera quality, healthy battery life and a quality screen.

What is the meaning behind Black Friday? Plus, the phones come with strong software support from Google as they got Android 10 alongside their pricier peers.

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Ash Gutheinz says the aircraft went down around the supper hour on Wednesday and residents of the area were not at risk. Transport Canada says it is aware of the crash and is going to undertake a joint investigation with Kingston Police.

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