Published: Fri, November 22, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Snapchat’s new Time Machine Lens: See younger and older version of yourself

Snapchat’s new Time Machine Lens: See younger and older version of yourself

It's a possibility: In a recent earnings call, Snapchat reported that 7 to 9 million of recently added users downloaded the app due to AR filters.

The new Time Machine filter builds on the success of its baby filter. The new ageing filter can be assumed to be Snapchat's way of attracting users to return to its platform again, in hopes that it will turn viral.

Right here's the model to make employ of the original lens, which is interesting to be available in the market in the occasion you update the Snapchat app.

This move is seen by many experts and users alike as an effort by the social media platform to gain users back to the service. Time Machine works the employ of the front-dealing with and rear-dealing with cameras. However, the slider is only present on iOS and not on Android.

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Open the Lenses Carousel by pressing Smiley Button or simply tap the screen for the Lens Carousel to appear.

Snapchat's Time Machine is rolling out now.

Lenses like this one and others drive significant growth and engagement for Snapchat, with the company announcing last month that its Lens Studio which allows the Snapchat community to create lenses of their own has been particularly successful. Adjust the slider left to turn back time and look younger. Individuals on social media used the selfie enhancing software to make themselves look older and crinklier. But 15 per cent of those surveyed said they had used their phone to send a video or photo via Snapchat at the same time as controlling their vehicle.

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