Published: Fri, November 22, 2019
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Google Assistant testing Duplex feature to book movie tickets in Chrome

Google Assistant testing Duplex feature to book movie tickets in Chrome

Posting on the Google Blog, product manager Dana Ritter explains how you can already use Google Assistant to book restaurant reservations, but the company is extending such voice ordering to other tasks. The aim of the feature is to learn your tasks and what you do on the phone and help you achieve it at the same time (with or without voice commands).

Google says the new feature works with over 70 cinemas and ticket services- AMC, Fandango, MJR Theaters, and in the USA, or Odeon in the UK-Assistant had previously only worked with Fandango.

It's not quite clear whether the feature is restricted to these two countries or if it's available in other countries too, the number of partners does suggest that some other countries will be able to use the technology too. The first of those is when buying movie tickets. In an upcoming update, which Google provides no timescale for, users will be able to use Duplex to place orders for auto rentals too. It's also enabled to input any information automatically to complete the purchase including any payment details, as long as they're saved to Chrome.

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Google Assistant has gained a new capability that movie fans will appreciate courtesy of Google Duplex technology.

However, we expect that at the back end, Humans will not be making calls faking to be Google Duplex.

You will need to confirm you want to use Google Assistant to buy the tickets for you, and then accept any website cookies. The new version lets you ask Google Assistant to search showtimes for a specific movie. The feature works with a limited number of cinemas in the United States and UK. "Up next, vehicle rentals".

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