Published: Thu, November 21, 2019
Sport | By Kayla Schwartz

Stephen A. Smith Slams Colin Kaepernick’s NFL Workout

Stephen A. Smith Slams Colin Kaepernick’s NFL Workout

Following the NFL's announcement of the workout on November 12, 25 teams were set to attend but the relocation led to just six teams attending. The occasion wasn't a real football game, but a public workout aimed at showing NFL executives his arm strength and accuracy.

"We're waiting for the 32 owners, 32 teams, Roger Goodell, all of them to stop running", Kaepernick said. "Stop running from the truth, stop running from the people". To the individuals that are not here, I'm imagining of you, I recognize you supporting from exactly where you are.

If you're the best at the company and worked without incident for a decade, you can probably show up late one morning and not get fired.

The NFL say they sent Kaepernick's representatives "a standard liability waiver based on the waiver used by National Invitational Camp at all NFL Combines and by NFL clubs when trying out free agent players" on Wednesday.

Instead, he chose to hold a workout open to the media, unlike the session at the Falcons' facility, at a high school stadium just south of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

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Reid also accused Smith of "tap dancing to the NFL" and being "so blatantly on the NFL's side in corrupting their own process to hinder Colin's employment". Kaepernick, therefore, changed the venue to the high school in Atlanta at the last minute, with the media also in attendance.

In other words, after letting 986 days go by since the quarterback took a snap in the pros, suddenly the league had the sense of urgency of organizing a workout that could not be postponed by a few days. And I'll continue to be ready. "All of us believe that Colin Kaepernick would have showed out, and if he had showed out, I believe he would have had a job inside of two weeks". Questions like offers from NFL teams, why he declined re-signing with the 49ers, and if him filing a grievance hindered his standing with the multi-billion dollar league.

MARTIN: Right. So he's - Kaepernick himself has gotten a lot of flak for this. And, by the way, the high school facility was named Charles Drew High School after Charles Drew, the famous black doctor from the last century who helped develop blood plasma but walked away from that after he found out the military was going to segregate and not use black blood. Busbee was on the field for the workout and saw Kaepernick throw.

"I hope so, but I don't know", Nalley said.

"Our biggest thing with everything today was to make sure we had transparency in what went on", he added. He said, "the fact that he didn't show up eradicates his points altogether". Another person wore a 49ers No. 7 jersey and had a sign that said, "I'm with Kap". The incorrect method to see Kaepernick's work trusts is to inquire as to whether he is a superior on-field quarterback than the most noticeably terrible quarterback in the association, be it as a starter or a reinforcement.

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