Published: Thu, November 21, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

N. Korea not interested in summits with U.S. that offer nothing: Adviser

N. Korea not interested in summits with U.S. that offer nothing: Adviser

It's not clear what Kim is willing to put on the table, but along with suspending the joint military exercises with Seoul, Trump has asked Tokyo to pay four times as much to host USA troops in Japan and demanded that South Korea pay almost five times as much, Foreign Policy and Reuters report.

North Korea's former First Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kim Kye Gwan, issued a statement on Monday through state-run media.

In a tweet on Sunday, weighing in on North Korea's criticism of his election rival former vice president Joe Biden, Trump addressed Kim directly, referring to the one-party state's ruler as "Mr Chairman".

"Although (North Korea and the United States) held three summits and other meetings since June past year, there hasn't been much improvement in relations and the United States has been just trying to buy time to its favor", he mentioned in a press release carried by the official Korean Central Information Company.

"We no longer have an interest in conversations that do not benefit us", he said. "We will not give the United States president anything to boast of without getting anything in return, and we need to get the fair price for what President Trump has boasted as his achievements".

"If the USA truly wants to keep on dialogue with the DPRK, it had better make a bold decision to drop its hostile policy towards the DPRK", Kim Kye Gwan says.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's bromance with U.S. President Donald Trump may be on its last legs, as an end-of-year deadline set by Kim for progress fast approaches.

Still, Trump adds he is "the only one" who can get Kim "where you have to be", and is urging Kim to "act quickly, get the deal done".

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But Trump has the most riding on North Korea.

"We will not give anything away that would give the USA president something to brag about", the North Korean official said.

The commentary said the presidential hopeful "reeled off a string of rubbish against the dignity" of the North's leadership, an act it said deserves "merciless punishment". Nonetheless, Trump concluded his tweet with a breezy, "See you soon!"

North Korea could be making preparations ahead of more meetings.

The latest working-level talks between the USA and North Korea held last month in the Swedish capital of Stockholm broke down due to what Pyongyang described as Washington's "bold stance and attitude".

The news comes after the USA and South Korea made a decision to postpone joint military drills on Sunday (November 17), in a bid to bolster stalled denuclearisation talks with Pyongyang. The latest talks, held in Sweden last month between North Korean chief negotiator Kim Myong-gil and USA negotiator Stephen Biegun, ended in failure after the North Korean side walked out, accusing their USA counterparts of coming to the meeting empty-handed.

The warning came as the same outlet shared photos in which Kim Jong Un could be seen watching on from an observation post as air force and air defense units conducted aerial drops from aircraft.

While North Korea wants the sanctions lifted, the United States has insisted Kim must dismantle his nuclear weapons programme first.

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