Published: Thu, November 21, 2019
Health Care | By Cedric Leonard

Antimicrobial resistance: 10 million UK lives at risk as Superbugs threat rises

Antimicrobial resistance: 10 million UK lives at risk as Superbugs threat rises

"Antibiotic resistance is a threat to you and your family's health".

Too many Canadians are unfamiliar with and unconcerned about the threat of antibiotic resistance.

The commitments are part of a sector-wide strategy to manage the rise of antibiotic resistance by first reducing the occasions on which the medicines are needed for livestock and pets.

Prevention of development of resistant organisms is centred on curtailing unnecessary exposure of bacteria to antibacterial agents, stopping bacteria-antibiotic mismatch, correct dose of antibiotics and avoiding unnecessary antibiotic use in humans and animals. "As a medical doctor, I know that we have a great responsibility to stand in the forefront of the fight against antimicrobial resistance and we should spare no effort in our work to continuously improve our knowledge and practices".

Pharmacists can sign up to become an antibiotic guardian and make a pledge to make better use of antibiotics. "With our study results, we now have a wealth of data about key issues concerning healthcare workers and antibiotic resistance, across all EU/EEA countries, all healthcare professions and healthcare settings".

"Overuse of antibiotics will lead to antibiotic resistance and if that happens, the next time a patient comes into the hospital, our current antibiotics may not work on the bacteria".

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"Reimbursing allows you to control the use of antibiotics". If the answer is yes to either question, you may be contributing to resistance.

Galuskova-Balter emphasized the need to tighten control over the appointment and use of antibiotics, as well as the effectiveness of the reimbursement mechanism in this matter.

An increasing number of common infections such as pneumonia, tuberculosis, gonorrhoea and salmonellosis are becoming harder to treat as antibiotics become less effective. This score varied significantly across countries (range 40-73%) and professions (range 29-68%).

In this story, we are following up on the heels of the latest report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that estimates more than 2.8 Million antibiotic-resistant infections now happen every year in the USA, resulting in 35,000 deaths. Development of antibiotic resistance seems has overtaken drug development; development path of an antibiotic from molecule synthesis to patient use takes a very long time and costs billions of shillings, yet it is a process that can not be bypassed.

"We performed a framing analysis to look at how the issue of AMR is presented [in Pakistan and]...we found that economic cost and human security narratives are the most dominant frames", Hanefeld revealed as she endorsed that AMR is complex with no single, logical pathway through which policy prescriptions and governance mechanisms can be created.

Antibiotics have saved millions of lives since they were first discovered - but a world without antibiotics, where people die from infections which are now treatable, could be closer than we think. It not really easy to make new antibiotics; it takes years and sometimes when antibiotics come out the bacteria are already resistant to them or they get resistant to them very quickly after they're released, so we have to do better at using what we have.

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