Published: Tue, November 19, 2019
Markets | By Otis Pena

TikTok's owner may be readying a streaming music service

TikTok's owner may be readying a streaming music service

The same FT report says users will be able to sync the music they're listening in the app with TikTok and create videos.

This isn't the first that we've heard about ByteDance's plans for a music streaming service. The app is already having a huge collection of short videos and clips that you can easily share with your friends. The service will cost less than $10 per month, which is in line with prices from Spotify, Apple and other music services in the USA, though in India, many of these services are priced even lower.

TikTok's parent company, Beijing-based ByteDance, is facing mounting scrutiny from USA lawmakers and regulators.

The Beijing-based company may launch its subscription streaming service in countries including India, Indonesia and Brazil as soon as next month.

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TikTok's move to work around Apple and Spotify is nearly a foregone conclusion - labels are mining TikTok for artists making TikTok-tailored unvarnished meme-friendly tracks, which are already climbing out onto the Billboard Hot 100 list. The Chinese group goals to distinguish itself from rivals by focusing on the consumer-generated content material that has shortly made TikTok one of many world's hottest social media platforms. ByteDance repeatedly maintains that it stores user data in the USA, a cold comfort knowing that Chinese censors override us content moderators to remove posts that are potentially displeasing the Communist Party.

The app is reportedly having 500 million monthly users, out of which 31per cent of its user-base is in India, while in the United States it has a staggering 8.2 per cent. When users choose a song to use via the app, it's tracked and logged; however, when a user uploads a video with a song already edited in, it's much harder for the app to track. When asked what he would do if Xi Jinping demanded ByteDance to turn over user data, Zhu told the paper, "after barely a moment's thought". A majority of the app's growth continues to be driven by the India market.

A ByteDance spokesman denied talk of such measures, telling the Journal that an IPO was not the company's focus and moving TikTok's headquarters to Singapore was not under consideration.

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