Published: Tue, November 19, 2019
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Elizabeth Banks Still Proud of Charlie's Angels Despite Flop Opening Weekend

Elizabeth Banks Still Proud of Charlie's Angels Despite Flop Opening Weekend

Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu were replaced by Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska.

Charlie's Angels director Elizabeth Banking firms partly attributed the achievement of Ponder Woman and Captain Marvel to staying a part of what she known as a "male style". Banks said. "I think women are allowed to have one or two action franchises every 17 years - I feel totally fine with that".

In partnership with Perfect World Pictures and 2.0 Entertainment, Sony Pictures and Banks, 45, were working with a $48-million budget before marketing costs, meaning the film companies could each lose a sizable amount in finances as a result of the poor showing.

All by way of an interview with the Herald Daylight carried out prematurely of Charlie's Angels debuted in theaters, Elizabeth Monetary establishments acknowledged that she thinks the movie skilled to be a financial success or else it might fortify the stereotype that gents actually don't go see movement motion pictures with ladies as potential prospects. "I'm proud of the "Charlie's Angels" legacy, and my Angels are standing on the shoulders of the Angels that came before them".

When Banks was confronted with the success of action movies with a female lead of the comic book genre, she dismissed those movies "feeding" the greater universe of comic book movies headed by male superheros.

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According to her, the reason movies like Wonder Woman made money is because they're part of a "male genre".

One in particular that was just released to a rather low box office opening was the Charlie's Angels reboot, which was meant to begin a new franchise based on its action-packed predecessors. This current chapter of Charlie's Angels history has not been lucrative.

"I wanted to celebrate the everyday woman who is out there fighting for herself", she said. "I'm proud of #CharliesAngels and happy it's in the world". "The power is in the money". "It's okay to want to make money", she added.

"I wanted really exceptional women in their fields", she told The Times ahead of the film's November 15 opening. The best roles are usually in small movies, but then you don't make any money.

To be fair to Banks, despite some of the comments she made above, she's apparently still retained the humour she became famous for in regards to Charlie's Angels' commercial woes.

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