Published: Tue, November 19, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

A new Half-Life game is in development, Valve confirms

A new Half-Life game is in development, Valve confirms

Via a tweet today on Twitter, Valve Corporation has officially announced that a new title in the Half-Life series is now in development and will be completely unveiled on Thursday, Nov. 21 at 10 a.m.

Yet Valve has a history of doing the bold with new technology, showing studios what could be done, and this is a prime time for them to flex their creative muscles with VR continuing to creep up in terms of market share, as more companies get into it. "But, like as we said, it began as an exploration of VR". 50 %-Existence: Alyx is a model-new video game in the Fifty percent-Existence universe intended exclusively for Personal computer digital fact units (Valve Index, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows Blended Truth). Presumably, from the title, it'll have some thing to do with Alyx Vance, one of the key figures of 50 percent-Lifetime two.

In a tweet from the official Valve Twitter account, the company described the upcoming release as its "flagship VR game".

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Alyx is a new VR game that will be revealed later soon. And what's more, we'll see it officially this Thursday, according to the tweet below. We now have gotten hints that they could probably extra exactly be defined as "Magnet Gloves", in that they let avid gamers magically place to and entice distant issues to your arms. And it is a whole one-player campaign of brand-new VR written content, though our resources are unable to affirm how long the game will in fact choose to beat.

Maybe, similar to it effectively did with Half-Life 2 and Steam in 2004, the organization will attach this game explicitly to its own VR headset to kickstart appropriation of the stage. The nearest we've come to knowing anything about where Half-Life was going was this not at all subtle fanfic from previous Valve essayist Marc Laidlaw. Will it basically be lengthy sufficient in phrases of a satisfying single-participant marketing campaign? "You know, panicking, dropping clips on the ground as they fumble their weapons 'cause a zombie's in front of them", someone says, suggesting that they've seen some playtests of this.

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