Published: Mon, November 18, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Two Arkansas Chemistry Professors Arrested For Allegedly Making Meth In College Lab

Two Arkansas Chemistry Professors Arrested For Allegedly Making Meth In College Lab

An environmental services company was called in to do remediation work to ventilate the lab, and the building was reopened on October 29.

They were placed on administrative leave three days after the chemical spill, according to the station.

The center closed on October 8 and three days later, Bateman and Rowland were placed on administrative leave.

Lab tests reportedly found traces of Benzyl chloride, a chemical that can be used to synthesize methamphetamine, among other uses. The building opened its doors again October 29 after third-party testing showed that it met all recommendations for occupancy.

Bradley Allen Rowland, 40 (pictured left), and Terry Bateman, 45 (pictured right) were officially taken into police custody on Friday afternoon.

In an interview with the university's campus news source, Oracle Online, Rowland mentions that he was "particularly" a fan of Breaking Bad.

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The Henderson State University chief of police couldn't immediately be reached for comment about the initial investigation. "It was spot on and accurate when it came to the science, and, it has gotten a younger, newer generation interested in chemistry".

Both are expected to appear in Clark County District Court once a formal charging decision is made by the prosecutor, the sheriff's department said, according to CNN. The investigation is ongoing, he said.

Arkadelphia, Ark. - Police arrest two Henderson State University professors who are accused of cooking methamphetamine, KATV reports. Rowland has been an associate chemistry professor since 2014. It's unclear if they have legal representation.

Manufacturing methamphetamine is a felony that could carry a sentence of up 40 years in prison.

Bateman and Rowland face charges for the manufacture of methamphetamine and the use of drug paraphernalia.

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