Published: Mon, November 18, 2019
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Baby Yoda Is The Breakout Star Of 'The Mandalorian' - And Disney+

Baby Yoda Is The Breakout Star Of 'The Mandalorian' - And Disney+

What's fascinating about all of this is that, yes, any normal person would probably be taken by the sight of an infant Yoda for the first time - except Werner Herzog is not a normal person.

It is a baby of the same species as Jedi Master Yoda, the mysterious race that has still gone unnamed after 40 years of storytelling in the Star Wars galaxy.

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A dejected Mando and his new capture make their way back to Kuiil, who advises Mando to trade the Jawa's for whatever they took from the ship. We have no idea what this egg is, but it's clearly a big deal because the Jawas are giddily chanting at the prospect of its retrieval. A chase after the scavengers ensues, with Mando going so far as to leap onto the side of their Sandcrawler, Indiana Jones-style, and attempt to wall-crawl the side of it, Batman and Robin-style. With the asset lingering outside the ominous cave, Mando enters... and is promptly ejected by an enormous space rhino.

While episode 1 did a compelling job of introducing us to the world of The Mandalorian and its badass hero, episode 2 oozes swagger, presenting an energetic, action-packed, and surprisingly hilarious installment that feels like a flawless encapsulation of what the show can and should be. He pauses to patch himself and his armor up, and as he does so, the child keeps getting free to approach him (do I sense some Force-sensitivity here?). The bounty hunter is tossed around and unable to get the upper hand, his armor gets fried (again), and it looks like he just might be killed; but then, the baby uses the Force to levitate the creature, giving him the time he needs to regroup and figure out how to kill the thing with the knife he still has. It was an odd length to go to retrieve it but the egg seems to be just that, as the Jawas go to town on the yolk. He also turns down Mando's offer to make him a member of his crew, saying he "worked a lifetime to be free of servitude". Of which, neither of them seems to understand. Thank you for your support. Kuiil wishes Mando a handsome reward for baby Yoda and the two part ways-though hopefully not for long. Having seen it along with everyone else it's easy to say that yes, this new series is exactly what people were hoping for no matter how many little foibles here and there people want to point out. Here's a complete guide to watching all the episodes when they air. Is he actually Baby Yoda? Is he heading back to the Client and Dr. Pershing?

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