Published: Sun, November 17, 2019
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Sportsnet apologizes for Don Cherry's anti-immigrant comments

Sportsnet apologizes for Don Cherry's anti-immigrant comments

"It's the two words that got it, as you know, people are sensitive like that", Cherry told Carlson.

In Wednesday's opening segment of the CTV series, Allen acknowledged that she "struck a nerve with many people".

"It could have been anybody, it could have been Irish, it could have been the Scots, it could have been the English, it could have been anybody", Cherry said.

Allen's comments on Tuesday's show spawned the hashtag "FireJessAllen" and further stoked the social media flames that have erupted over Cherry's situation.

"I don't worship at the altar of hockey". When I was growing up, I was kind of the only one.

But she wasn't done there. They were not generally thoughtful.

Cherry, 85, singled out new immigrants in Toronto and Mississauga, Ont., where he lives, for not honouring Canada's veterans and dead soldiers during his weekly "Coach's Corner" segment on "Hockey Night in Canada".

Because of all the tweets, #FireJessAllen actually trended in Canada on November 13.

'Bama QB Tua Tagovailoa carted off field
However, a sideline reporter on ESPN reported that it was a right hip injury that caused Tagovailoa to be carted off the field. Quite a few analysts ended up begging Saban to start Mac Jones at quarterback this afternoon.

"I was speaking about my own lived experiences, often negative experiences, with those who've played the sport and how they've led to me being conflicted, really conflicted, about how hockey is so closely bound to our national identity".

My take on it is there is nothing racist about what Allen said and there is no reason to fire her.

One person claimed that Allen's comment was worse than Cherry's comment and said, "Because she got picked on by some hockey players she has the right to throw millions of people under the bus". Could you imagine what Cherry would have said about her on Saturday night?

But Allen wasn't having any of it.

A lot of the people calling for Allen to be fired have a personal connection to hockey. "I suppose if I had it to do over again, I would have said 'everybody, ' but you people are the people that they listen to".

He has since made comments attempting to mitigate what he said and indicating what he allegedly meant to say, but refuses to apologise.

Wait. You can't say Cherry should keep his job for his opinion that you agree with and then in the same week say someone should be fired for an opinion you disagree with and still be taken seriously.

There are stories everywhere.

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