Published: Sun, November 17, 2019
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Charges dropped against teen amputee restrained by deputy - 47abc

Charges dropped against teen amputee restrained by deputy - 47abc

Pima County Public Defender Joel Feinman said, regardless of the teenager's crime, the use of force was unnecessary. The disabled teen was reportedly placed in the group home after his family abandoned him.

"This is a grown man with a badge and a gun assaulting a child with no limbs, for no reason whatsoever", Feinman said.

The unidentified Pima County sheriff's deputy encountered the teen, Immanuel, on September 26 while responding to a report that he had kicked over a garbage can and verbally threatened an employee, KOLD reports.

A worker called law enforcement to the home over a disturbance.

In the video, the now unnamed officer attempts to restrain the teenager - referred to as C.J. - as he screams "Don't hold me down" several times. "So they've already been traumatized, and this adds trauma to trauma", said Feinman.

The 15-year-old and the deputy can be heard yelling at each other in the video, and the deputy pushes the teenager into the ground and tells him to calm down before arresting them both on disorderly conduct charges.

When Oloya attempted to explain that all he did was knock over a trashcan, the deputy leaned over him in an aggressive manner and ordered the disabled teen to "shut the hell up!" He tries to get away, but the deputy strengthens his hold on the teenager, pushing his body on top of Immanuel's and pressing him into the ground.

"I will raise my voice to you whenever the fuck I want, you understand?" the deputy shouted.

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As the teenager gets more agitated, the officer stands up and tells him, "I told you to stop moving and you still moved".

Additionally, when the teenager filming - referred to as Emmanuel - tells the officer to allow answer his question, the officer responds: "Am I talking to you?" Deputies caused him to hit his head on a wall and then put him in a patrol vehicle, according to Jurgena.

Before going on to arrest both teens on disorderly conduct charges, the deputy can be seen forcibly wrestling the amputee into the ground.

An arrest of two teens at an Arizona group home in September has now blown up into something much bigger after KOLD News 13 saw what it calls an "explosive video" of the incident that led to their arrest.

"These are kids who live in a group home because they can't live with their parents", Feinman said.

On Thursday, KOLD showed the footage to the sheriff's department, and was told the department had not seen the video previously, nor was it aware of its existence.

The video was captured several months ago by another teenager in a group home, and when it was presented to the sheriff's department by the news station, the department said it had no knowledge of the footage.

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