Published: Sat, November 16, 2019
Sport | By Kayla Schwartz

LSU takes top spot; Minnesota makes big jump

LSU takes top spot; Minnesota makes big jump

LSU, obvs, is #1, after beating Alabama.

How about we additionally recollect that these rankings are a depiction in time, and however the advisory group felt one-misfortune Georgia and one-misfortune Alabama ought to be in front of one-misfortune OR (which previously lost to Auburn, incidentally), it isn't really a flat out pointer for the Pac-12 pushing ahead. Ohio State paces the FPI with a No. 1 rank in game control and No. 2 in strength of record, trailed by LSU (No. 1 SOR; No. 2 GC), Baylor (No. 3 SOR/No. 19 GC), Minnesota (No. 4 SOR/No. 13 GC), Oregon (No. 8 SOR/No. 8 GC), Alabama (No. 10 SOR/No. 5 GC), Georgia (No. 11 SOR/No. 8 GC) and Oklahoma (No. 15 SOR/No. 6 GC).

Minnesota jumped into the top 10 after last week's win over Penn State.

To value Georgia's two good wins and one bad loss over Alabama's no signature wins and one forgivable loss?

Those Buckeyes lost a November game at home to Michigan State on a last-second field goal.

"There is no reasonable way Clemson could stumble before the Playoff", ESPN's Rece Davis said during the ranking unveiling show.

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So it's really just Alabama vs. OR vs. Oklahoma vs. Minnesota. Without that, the Tide could use at least two Power Five champions to finish with two or more losses. That is a similar season Alabama made it in after not being a meeting champion.

MI also has a victory over No. 20 Iowa.

Unlike this Alabama team, that Ohio State team had a few close calls as it sorted out a quarterback competition between Cardale Jones and J.T. Barrett. Its sole loss was to LSU, boasting the best team in the nation, and in that game, the Crimson Tide nearly mounted a late comeback after trailing by 20 at the half.

Mullens opened by saying: "LSU has four wins against top 20 teams, the most of any team in the nation". The Michigan State team that beat Ohio State had already lost to a Nebraska team that finished under.500. Those Pac-12 teams trailing the Tide won't have stacked resumes either, but they could have a conference championship and only one loss, and that's been enough to keep teams like Alabama out before. Alabama clearly is a strong team, but the committee gave the edge to Georgia.

Week 12 is a bit of a break from last Saturday, but there are some important games on tap.

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