Published: Fri, November 15, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Tiny deer-like species spotted for first time in decades

Tiny deer-like species spotted for first time in decades

I was overjoyed when we checked the camera traps and saw photographs of a chevrotain with silver flanks, " he added in a statement to media outlets.

The mouse-deer is grey in colour and also called silver-backed chevrotain.

A tiny deer-like creature about the size of a rabbit has been photographed in the wild for the first time in three decades in southern Vietnam, delighting conservationists who feared the species was extinct.

The scientists then set up three camera traps, which in five months captured 275 photos of the silver-backed chevrotain. Despite the name, they are neither mice nor deer but the world's smallest ungulate, or hoofed animal.

They're shy and solitary, have two tiny fangs, appear to walk on the rules of their hooves, and have a silver sheen, the crew claimed. In the next five months, they expanded the operation, installing additional 29 camera traps in the same place, capturing 1,881 photos. Using the information given by local residents, in and around the coastal city of Nha Trang, the scientists spread out 30 motion-activated cameras in areas where the mammal was likely to be spotted. It is the first mammal rediscovered on GWC's list of top 25 most-wanted lost species. They typically weigh less than 10 pounds.

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The findings were published Monday in the scientific journal Nature Ecology & Evolution.

Nguyen said it was fantastic and he was overjoyed when they came across silver-backed chevrotain on camera footages. "For thus lengthy this species has seemingly exclusively existed as a part of our creativeness", An Nguyen, one of many expedition's leaders and an affiliate conservation scientist for GWC, stated in a press launch. "This also encourages us, together with relevant and worldwide partners, to devote time and effort to further investigate and conserve Vietnam's biodiversity heritage".

In May, a United Nations body of biodiversity experts, known as IPBES, issued a landmark report warning that up to one million species face the risk of extinction due to humanity's impact on the planet.

A team is now setting out to determine how large - and stable - this population of silver-backed chevrotains is, assess the wider distribution of the species and explore the threats to its survival.

"The results were incredible", expedition team leader An Nguyen, a GWC associate conservation scientist, said in a statement. "We're moving quickly now to figure out how best to protect it". "This appearance of species encourages us to investigate further and spend worthy timing to conserve Vietnam's biodiversity heritage", said Hoang Minh Duc, Head of Southern Institute of Ecology's Department of Zoology. "That can be replicated for other species in other parts of the world".

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