Published: Fri, November 15, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

The Motorola Razr flip phone is back

The Motorola Razr flip phone is back

What I think is fascinating is that the Razr isn't anything close to the best smartphone on the market.

"I have little doubt that Lenovo will struggle to keep up with demand as soon as it is available to buy". The sleek, flip phone with its LED metal keypad was unlike anything else in the market at the time and quickly became the bestselling phone of all time, before Apple eventually claimed that title. The screen offers a resolution of 2142 x 876 pixels and is made of plastic, as is the case with many other foldable smartphones.

The big difference between the new device from Motorola and other foldable phones is that this phone folds horizontally. In seemingly the blink of an eye, the iPhone set the blueprint for what a modern-day smartphone should look and act like. Samsung's Galaxy Fold was finally released in September after a lengthy delay just days before it was supposed to launch. The company launched the device this morning at the Tech World 2019 in China.

Remember here that a patent is nothing more than the registration of an idea, and that does not necessarily mean that Xiaomi will finally work on this device. He says that layer will help prevent particles like sand from going into the device's electronics and breaking the display. For quick access to notifications, there's a 2.7-inch Quick View display as well. Unfortunately for many, the upgrade comes with a price: At $1,500, the new RAZR will cost more than some iPhones. The idea is to make the phone more compact for carrying and storing when folded and not in use. Unlike the Galaxy Fold, the Razr claims to be splash-proof, with a stronger screen.

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But it seems like Motorola is aiming for more than just novelty with the rebooted Razr. But the original Razr sold 130 million units in its four-year run, so even a tiny fraction of that would be impressive for the new, astoundingly pricey version. Its camera and battery specs are underwhelming, though Motorola promises "all-day battery life" without quoting an exact number of hours.

It is hard not to see that Xiaomi got inspired by the Motorola Razr for this device. It now needs to rebuild its own brand identity.

However, if Y2K-era nostalgia with a new school twist is what you're after then look no further!

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