Published: Fri, November 15, 2019
Life&Culture | By Sue Mclaughlin

One Simpsons episode won't feature on Disney+

One Simpsons episode won't feature on Disney+

The Simpsons took the opportunity to poke fun at Disney's long-awaited new streaming service Disney+ just hours before it launched.

One fan identified that the change means "you miss out on tons of nice visible jokes", stating one joke particularly regarding Homer's favorite beer, Duff.

Now the only real question is if Disney+ will listen to Simpsons fans and make the 4:3 aspect ratio episodes available for streaming (even in they're in standard definition)?

For example, not only does it simply alter the original way the show was first aired - which has been considered ideal by many - but such an action comes with a hefty price.

So as you are probably more than aware, Disney+ officially launched yesterday.

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Here's the sitch: After existing exclusively in reruns for years, the iconic show has finally found its way to a streaming service in the form of Disney+.

It wasn't until a few months later that FX made the 4:3 ratio episodes of the series available to stream on Simpsons World as an option - but with a catch, the 4:3 ratio episodes were only in standard definition. Many assumed the same setup would apply to Disney+ following the company's announcement that all 30 seasons would live exclusively on Disney's streaming service.

A visual gag from season 4 episode "Duffless" which sees Duff Lite, Duff Dry, and ordinary Duff coming from the same Value-Added Tax of beer is essentially missing from the Disney Plus version. That's not the case. Even Simpsons writer Bill Oakley tweeted his disappointment with the setup.

Star Wars has also received some tweaks on Disney Plus - Greedo now says "Maclunky" before being shot by Han Solo, a change apparently requested by George Lucas. Disney+ has really knocked it out of the park with its launch day line up for Canadian audiences.

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