Published: Fri, November 15, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Google Maps gets enhanced translation feature

Google Maps gets enhanced translation feature

Maps will also be smart enough to automatically determine if you need help translating something.

Using Google Maps as a foreigner can be sometimes hard especially when it comes to names or addresses of locations.

Traveling the world but don't speak the local language?

For example, the app now will help you to translate the name of a place from your native language to another foreign language. Live View takes advantage of your phone's camera and Google Maps' vast database to deliver a unique AR (augmented reality) navigation experience that layers the Maps interface over a real-time feed from the camera. In addition to the usual info, a speaker icon will appear alongside the place's name.

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Google makes two of the best such solutions - Google Maps and Google Translate. If you need to get somewhere, usually Maps can handle it by itself.

You can enable the translator feature in Maps by pressing the new speaker button next to to the name of the place. Today, Google Maps announced a new feature that will help you when travelling to locations where you don't speak the local language. Tapping that will bring up the place's translation, both written and verbal.

To pinpoint your coordinates, Maps uses your phone's rough Global Positioning System location and Street View's vast image database to determine exactly where you are.

Google says the feature will "be rolling out this month on Android and iOS with support for 50 languages and more on the way". While searching for a location, users can click on the icon to translate the address in the local language.

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