Published: Wed, November 13, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

MacBook Pro 16-inch is real and available to buy right now

MacBook Pro 16-inch is real and available to buy right now

Apple's new 16-inch MacBook Pro launched today, available for pre-order now and in stores later this week.

The 16-inch MacBook Pro will replace the current 15-inch model, which starts at $2,399.

The fabled 16-inch MacBook Pro model will launch in the very near future, according to a new leak, which largely reiterates the features we've previously heard about the model. But I know the most important question you have is whether the keyboard is any good.

Among other notable changes is a switch to a scissor-based keyboard mechanism, presumably as a way for the computer to avoid the problems associated with Apple's butterfly keyboards. Designers, artists and music and video editors often use Macs and MacBooks, and the MacBook Pro 16-inch has gone even further to appeal to content creators.

Expected in the coming hours, this new MacBook would mark a first true evolution of the design used by Apple for three years for its MacBook Pro.

The machine, which could also pack the sharpest display Apple has ever put into a MacBook Pro, could make its official debut later today.

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The escape key of the keyboard is now a separate key, which will be welcomed by anyone who accidentally hits the escape key on existing models.

New reports out of Apple's supply chain in Asia suggest that production of the new notebook is now underway. The speakers will be louder.

The battery has been beefed up to 100 watt-hour, and Apple claims that this gives it an 11-hour battery live, a whole hour more than the 15.4-inch MacBook Pro it replaces. This is thanks to the new slimmer bezels that surround the screen, allowing Apple to include a larger display without making the laptop too cumbersome to carry around.

Price side, Apple would place this new model with the same price threshold as the MacBook Pro 15. GSMArena also discusses the potential of a resized dissipation system.

Apple has also announced that the updated Mac Pro will land in December.

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