Published: Wed, November 13, 2019
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Facebook introduces 'Facebook Pay,' a new payment platform for Messenger and Facebook

Facebook introduces 'Facebook Pay,' a new payment platform for Messenger and Facebook

Facebook has been testing WhatsApp payments in India for sometime now. Initially, Facebook Pay will let users shop, make in-game purchases, donate to causes and send person-to-person payments on Messenger.

Vice president of marketplace and commerce Deborah Liu says it intends to roll out Facebook Pay across Whatsapp and Instagram across the globe in the future.

The American social media giant Facebook has just announced a new payment product known as Facebook Pay.

Go to Settings Facebook Pay on the Facebook app or website.

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The next time you make a payment, select Facebook Pay.

Prior to the introduction of Facebook Pay, users were able to purchase items from stores on the Facebook marketplace using their credit card, debit card or PayPal account.

On the other hand, the company recently began testing a payment system via WhatsApp in India and has also introduced a catalogue system via its WhatsApp Business extension. Existing payments partners like Stripe Inc. and PayPal Holdings Inc. will continue to process payments for the Menlo Park, California-based company. Users will be able to view transaction ID, status and payment method details of older payments at all times.

The unified service will begin rolling out in the United States this week for fundraisers, in-game purchases, event tickets, and person-to-person payments on Messenger and purchases on Facebook, according to Liu. It will provide real-time customer support via live chat in the U.S., adding that it will be extended to more around countries in the future. Payments or purchases will not be shared with friends or on the feed, unless a user chooses to do so. Users will also have the option to use a PIN or their biometrics to further secure their account. However, Facebook wants to assure users that its new payments initiative is created to "securely store and encrypt your card and bank account numbers". "Facebook does not receive or store your device's biometric information", the blog says.

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