Published: Tue, November 12, 2019
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Related Lung Disease And Vitamin E Acetate: What You Should Know

Related Lung Disease And Vitamin E Acetate: What You Should Know

US health officials noted last week that although other potential toxins can not be ruled out at this stage in their investigation, vitamin E acetate is a strong contender for the culprit that has caused pulmonary illness and damage in the USA cases.

Trump has since appeared to backtrack somewhat out of his first announcement, suggesting that he is now more interested in different constraints which are more amenable to vapers, like increasing the age to buy tobacco products to 21, that might leave flavored goods available on the marketplace.

The CDC says its tests found vitamin E acetate in samples taken from 29 patients who were sick with vaping-related illness in 10 states. Sticky and honey-like, it hangs around in the lungs, health officials said, interfering with how they function.

Schuchat said the findings represent a "breakthrough" in CDC's investigation into the potential causes of the illness, but the findings do not rule out other compounds or ingredients as additional potential culprits. More than 2,000 US e-cigarette users were diagnosed with pulmonary disease in the United States this year. "And so a large amount of vitamin E acetate would be something that we would want to make sure we analyze for". Almost 85% of lung injury patients in the nationwide outbreak have reported using products containing THC, the component of marijuana that gets people high. Researchers believe that chemicals in e-cigarette fluid may have triggered an exaggerated immune or allergic response, causing life-threatening lung inflammation in an otherwise healthy young man. And, as I reported recently, these regulations are generally weak and inadequate, revealing a problem in the way cannabis is regulated in this country.

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"There is no safe tobacco product". But only medical-grade products are also tested for pesticides and heavy metals.

Officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say there has been a breakthrough in the investigation into the outbreak of vaping-related lung injuries that has led to the deaths of 39 people and sickened more than 2,000 others.

Vitamin E acetate, an oil derived from the vitamin, has already been identified in previous testing by federal and state laboratories in vape products that contain THC.

That's why, with the mounting death toll, some experts are calling for more stringent oversight. The investigation has found that many of these products patients used were bought online or received through friends or family, rather than through vaping shops or at licensed THC dispensaries. The substance has additionally been recognized in assessments by USA and state officers of product samples collected from sufferers with the vaping damage.

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