Published: Tue, November 12, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Apple planning its first AR headset in 2022

Apple planning its first AR headset in 2022

According to Bloomberg, Apple is working on the next-generation iPad Pro, which is pegged for release in the first half of 2020 and will have special AR capabilities.

Apple's next few years are expected to be including AR and VR technology, starting with the iPad Pro sporting 3D sensors when it launches next year.

Apple's next-generation iPad Pro with 3D-sensors is expected to arrive next year according to sources familiar with the company's plans.

Information What these AR glasses would be capable of doing?

Rumors of Apple building a VR headset and/or AR glasses have been around for six years, interspersed with (often conflicting) rumors and reports. Specifically, Apple is aiming to release its AR headset in 2022, and a pair of smart glasses will follow in 2023.

Industrial output posts steepest contraction in almost eight years
A slowdown was witnessed in the manufacturing sector, which declined by 3.9% in September as compared to 4.8% growth a year ago. The capital goods segment, that signifies investment, contracted 20 per cent in September after a 21 per cent fall in August.

One source claims that Apple is also looking into lenses that darken when in use to signal that the wearer is occupied in augmented reality.

Apple's iPhone 11 launched in September so we are not expecting to see the iPhone 12 until September 2020, as soon as we get some more details on the handset, we will let you guys know. In an internal presentation to employees, Apple Vice President Mike Rockwell, who leads Apple's AR and virtual reality teams, revealed new information about the design and features of the AR headset. It will also the first iPhone devices to feature the Apple Watch's low-power LTPO (low-temperature polycrystalline oxide) display technology. Talking more about the headset, it has been mentioned that the device is codenamed N301 and looks like a sleeker version of Facebook's Oculus Quest. This new 3D sensor module will help users create three-dimensional reconstructions of rooms, objects and people.

Moreover, senior managers at Apple believe AR headsets could be bigger than the iPhone within a decade of their release.

The glasses, which are slightly more mysterious, will reportedly resemble high end eyeware, though they will have thicker frames capable of housing key technology. The team is said to be made up of ex-NASA engineers, former game developers and graphics experts, all working out of Sunnyvale, California.

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