Published: Sat, November 09, 2019
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Was Trump call with Ukraine 'perfect'? GOP has many answers - 47abc

Was Trump call with Ukraine 'perfect'? GOP has many answers - 47abc

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham calls the whole impeachment inquiry "B.S". But a blanket denial from the Dems could heighten public criticism of an impeachment process the GOP has called unjust.

"It's not good", said veteran GOP strategist Alex Conant.

"If you call into question the law's protection, you undercut the whole goal of the law", said Ronald E. Neumann, president of the American Academy of Diplomacy and a former career ambassador and deputy assistant secretary of state.

He added: "It's hard to rally people to your side without a coherent and sustainable message". Strategists say that may shield lawmakers for now from risky political choices. He pushed back against the inquiry as Republicans mount their defense.

With a Power Point presentation, McConnell outlined the process ahead if the investigation moves to a vote in the House and trial in the Senate.

"I don't think that current or future whistleblowers will be less willing to come forward".

McConnell suggested a couple of options.

"If whistleblowers feel they can't come to Congress, it shuts down one of the only independent avenues for reporting concerns", she said.

It was the kind of political advice one would expect from the risk-averse leader as he tries to insulate his 53-seat GOP majority, including several senators up for reelection in 2020 in states such as ME and Colorado where voters are split on Trump. "My problem is, given how egregious the president's conduct is, he's given them a pass", said Jim Manley, a veteran Democratic strategist.

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Trump used the July 25 call - a rough transcript of which was released by the White House - to press Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelenskiy to investigate the Bidens.

In a letter to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff on Saturday, Republicans listed the anonymous whistleblower, former Vice President Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden, former USA special envoy for Ukraine Kurt Volker, high-raking State Department official David Hale and Tim Morrison, the top Russian Federation and Europe adviser on the National Security Council.

"We expect that you will call each of the witnesses listed above to ensure that the Democrats" "impeachment inquiry' treats the President with fairness, as promised by Speaker Pelosi", Nunes wrote.

"We'd like to figure out who those witnesses should be so the American people can get the facts, get the truth and we now who these individuals are", Jordan said last month.

Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee have requested that Hunter Biden, son of Former US Vice President Joe Biden, testify in the impeachment inquiry into US President Donald, according to a document made public Saturday.

It's a message being reinforced daily in the media by Jordan and other Trump surrogates, including Reps.

That Congress member was Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.), who is no longer in office.

Republicans, including Trump, have been campaigning to name the whistleblower for weeks. Agencies often attempt to "discredit them instead of investigating whether the issues they raise are valid".

"There are perfectly appropriate quid pro quos and there are inappropriate quid pro quos", offered Sen.

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