Published: Sat, November 09, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

U.S. inmate seeks release from jail after he 'died'

U.S. inmate seeks release from jail after he 'died'

Per court records cited by the Washington Post, the now-66-year-old developed kidney stones in March 2015 so big they "caused him to urinate internally" and led to septic poisoning.

An Iowa inmate sentenced to life without parole has unsuccessfully argued in court that he should be freed because he "momentarily died" and was resuscitated when he was in the hospital four years ago.

After recovering from the near-death experience, Schreiber filed a petition demanding to be released from prison.

Schreiber had argued in court that a brief brush with death should be his ticket to a new life outside of prison, in a freakish case that has tested the definition of a "life sentence".

The prisoner, Benjamin Schreiber, made that argument to an appeals court in Iowa, saying that when he briefly died in 2015, before being revived at a hospital, he completed his obligation to the state.

He eventually fell unconscious in his cell and was taken to a local hospital, where he was resuscitated five separate times, the documents say.

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An inmate serving life for murder in the U.S. state of Iowa offered a novel legal appeal, saying he should be released because he "died" four years ago.

On Oct. 13, 1997, Schreiber was found guilty of first-degree murder in the killing of John Dale Terry a year earlier.

He said he was resuscitated by medical staff against his wishes and that he was sentenced to life without parole, "but not to life plus one day".

On Wednesday, the appeals court upheld the lower court's ruling.

After the state's motion to dismiss the case was granted in district court, Schreiber appealed. His attorney could not immediately be reached for comment late Thursday night, and it's unclear if he plans to take his fight to a higher court.

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